you're dissatisfied or looking for progress.
you want more control and influence on yourself.
you don't want to wait for things to happen, you want to make them happen.


discover - think - change
don't fear, consider, welcome


for oneself - truth, knowledge, understanding, relations, commitment.
with others - honesty, explanation, understanding, agreement, cooperation.

Start with where you are.
Determine your goal.
Find your way.

Fear, denial, rejection drains your energy, distracts you from your goal.
Don't fear any result nor to learn more about yourself and your environment!
Don't fear changes or the unknown, be ready to always learn!

quest, quintessence, quality

Explore your mind, extract your truths, determine your way of being. For this to find and provide we need useful, easy to access, quick to process
- structured documentation for support, maintenance, development.
- functional overview, usecase x-refs of how things work.
- cooperation, coordination, communication for efficient + lasting contribution.
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